I☺like Arschile Gorky dimension: cm. 37x46 shoulder strap: cm. 40
I☺like De Kooning dimension: cm. 31x42 shoulder strap: cm. 40
Jasper Johns . details
I☺like Jasper Johns dimension: cm. 31x31 shoulder strap: cm. 40
I☺like Motherwell (big) dimension: cm. 37x45 shoulder strap: cm. 44
I☺like Motherwell (little) dimension: cm. 33x29 shoulder strap: cm. 40
I☺like Shiele Not available
I☺like Basquiat 1 Not available
I☺like Basquiat 2 Not available
I☺like Bradley dimension: cm. 34x36 shoulder strap: cm. 38
I☺like Gaitonde dimension: cm. 40x36 shoulder strap: cm. 37
I☺like Hartung dimension: cm. 38x38 shoulder strap: cm. 36
I☺like Masson dimension: cm. 36x30 shoulder strap: cm. 37
I☺like Pollock Not available
Prampolini Prampolini . details
I☺like Prampolini dimension: cm. 36x38 shoulder strap: cm. 37
I☺like Gino Rossi dimension: cm. 42x41 shoulder strap: cm. 36
I☺like Rothko dimension: cm. 34x36 shoulder strap: cm. 37
Basquiat 'Long Bag' lato 1
I☺like Basquiat "Long Bag" dimension: cm. 66x33 shoulder: cm. 33
Rossana Trangoni © 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - 2023. all rights reserved TheI :) like handbags are born out of love for 20th century painting. The images are not copies, but homages to the works I have appreciated the most. I paint directly on the fabric, without preliminary drawing, trying to pick the inspirations of every artist. I chose to use jute as material, even though it is an irksome material due to the sparse weave and the spinning being stiff and poorly absorbent, to get as close as possible to the idea of raw canvas: a canvas without frame, a small work to be hung on a shoulder and taken for a walk. Every handbag is a unique piece in both image and sewing. The fabric is preemptively washed and the colours are hot fixed. On the inside, the coloured cotton lining contains a double pocket to keep a phone or keys.